Thursday, January 31, 2008

...Tying Quilts

This technique for tying quilts eliminates the tied ends showing. (Many hospitals don't like baby quilts to have ties that can be "worried" loose by babies or small children).

First, embroidery floss (5 strands) or perle cotton work very well for this procedure. Be sure to choose a quilt batt that does not need to be quilted at close intervals. For example, if you tie a quilt using a cotton batt that needs the quilting lines 1 to 2 inches apart, that batt will come apart when the quilt is washed. Check the label instructions on the batting.

To "Tie" without ties, you will need to purchase a DOLL needle (that's a 5" or longer needle that is used to sew eyes on cloth dolls--available in most fabric shops or hobby stores. Thread the doll needle, do a quilter's knot in the end. Starting at the top or bottom of your quilt, put all three layers in a large hoop or quilt frame. You can choose to 'tie' your quilt at regular intervals, but no more than 3" between ties.

Take a stitch near where you want to begin and pop the knot into the inside of the quilt. Make a stitch about 1/2" wide down thru the quilt, and bring the needle up where you started. Stitch again over this first stitch, but when bringing the needle up, position it so that you will be making an X or a + Bring it up in this new position, take a 1/2" stitch down (you will see an X in thread on the top of the quilt) and repeat the stitch again. Bring the needle up thru the top, and this time make a knot on the surface by stitching under the X. NOW, put the needle thru the X under JUST THE TOP LAYER of the quilt and guide it through to emerge where you want your next tie to be. Then repeat the process of stitching an X , knotting and tunneling through to the next tie location.

The appearance of this is very neat, with pretty X's as ties and no threads showing. It DOES use up a bit more thread than simple tying would, but it makes a much more secure top than the traditional method. It's also better if you don't personally like the little tie thingies showing. As you can probably figure out from the instructions, the long doll needle is crucial equipment for tunneling under the top layer without losing your needle.

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Suggested Batting: IMPORTANT ~ make sure batting is appropriate for TYING a quilt ( that doesn't require QUILTING every 1/4-1/2") ....

EXAMPLE: Mountain Mist Quilt Batting (fundraising)

When you use Mountain Mist quilt batting or any Super Fluff product (batting, fiberfill, pillow inserts) save the UPC bar code symbols for Project Linus. The UPC codes begin with 027206 or 034072. When we have 100 UPC codes, we can get a 25 yard roll of batting for just a handling charge.

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